Occupational Healthcare

Medical examination to determine an employee’s current health status and ‘fitness for work’.

    • Pre-employment medical examinations that ensure correct placement of employees according to their physical and mental compatibility, for a specific job
    • Exit medical examinations that record the health status of an employee on termination of his/her service.

The Medical examinations as follows:
A Basic medical:
Blood Pressure
Urine test
Glucose test

A Full medical:
The basic medical examination inclusive of Audiometry (Hearing test), and/or Spirometry( Lung function test).

Health and Wellness Programme that educates and guides business owners and their staff on issues and regulations related to ‘Occupational Health,Safety and Wellness’.

  Occupational Safety:
Assist companies comply with Safety Regulations
Assessment of Health risks in the work environment
Investigation of incidents/injuries in the workplace
Ergonomic surveillance

Primary Healthcare

Primary health care
Primary health care is based on caring for people rather than specific diseases; dealing with minor ailments or work-related injuries. This helps employers avoid the cost of losing productivity whilst employees are off sick.

Additional Services:

      • Assist companies that are interested in establishing their own onsite clinic.

A fully equipped and staffed on-site option for companies that wish to have an on-site facility.

      • Baby clinic and child vaccination
      • Travel Medicine

Please contact us for more details on the additional medical services available.