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Our Healthcare Services now a part of the ‘Prior Mobile Health’ Network

We previously mentioned on the site about the innovative and simple solution of pre-paid healthcare vouchers from ‘Prior Mobile Health’ . Now people can access quality healthcare services through the simple solution and system of this Med eCard from ‘Prior Ditema’.  Read full article here

Our company is excited to be part of the network of Healthcare Service Providers where people can utilize the ‘Prior Mobile Health  Clinic / Doctor Vouchers .

For more information on this service please do not hesitate to Contact us


Access Quality Healthcare with pre-paid Health Vouchers from “Prior Mobile Health”

‘Prior Health’ is introducing a simple and affordable way for people to access high quality healthcare. ‘Prior Mobile Health’ is a service using innovative mobile technology so that people from across the work sector and communities have access to healthcare services as per need.
How it works: You purchase a healthcare voucher similar to when you buy an airtime voucher, and then the details of your voucher are sent to your phone and you utilize this voucher at  any practitioner under Prior’s network of healthcare service providers.
Make sure to read all about this exciting and resourceful service by visiting their site: Prior Health

We at ‘Dikoena Employee Health Services’ are excited about this new service and will make sure to keep you updated.

Resources: Construction Industry Health and Safety Guide

The construction industry in South Africa and other developing countries across Africa is without a doubt fast growing.
What does the Law say to Company owners of construction companies? Read detailed guides by visiting official site below:
Construction-Health and Safety Guide
The Construction Regulation 28 of 2014  Law(and additional guides available on the site), explain the responsibilities of companies in terms of their workers’ health and safety on a work site.
‘Dikoena Employee Health Services’ is available to help companies ensure that they adhere to all related rules and regulations(ie. Fitness for work certificates,Annexure 3).


Africa Health Exhibition 2017: A Global and African Healthcare Industry Event

Events taking place globally but especially in Africa (in line with our company’s goals and objectives), are always on our radar. Please read below all information on ‘Africa Health Exhibition’ which runs from 7 -9 June 2017 in Johannesburg,South Africa.


” Africa Health is the continent’s largest healthcare exhibition and is a leading platform for the industry to meet, learn and do business. The exhibition takes place from 7 -9 June 2017 at the Gallagher Centre, Johannesburg, and will attract healthcare professionals and host the world’s leading healthcare suppliers, manufacturers and service providers. Alongside the exhibition, CPD accredited conferences will take place, providing education in the latest healthcare advancements. “

We at ‘Dikoena Employee Health Services’ look forward to being at another important event aiding and adding to the best Healthcare products and services being available to businesses and communities on our Continent.

Read more about the event: Click here for more information   



Occupational Safety and Health in Africa-Upcoming Event Info

Africa’s leading safety and occupational health event; A-OSH Expo, will be taking place in South Africa from the 30th of May 2017. The exhibition is in it’s seventh year, and brings together an array of industries with interests in workplace safety and occupational healthcare. Attendees and exhibitors are service/product providers and also company representatives there to gain knowledge in line with their health and safety policies.

The general public is also welcome to attend and all information is available at the official website: A-OSH 2017 .

We at Dikoena Employee Health Services will be there and look forward to it.


Health and Safety Policies are Business Assets

Every business owner is concerned with maximising assets and minimising losses in their company. Having Health and Safety Policies in place(regardless of which industry your business operates in), is an asset to each company. Many people do not understand this or don’t see how this is true. At ‘Dikoena Employee Health Services’, our goals and objectives address this confusion/lack of information. We are focused on guiding business owners to implement practices that meet Occupational Health and Safety Laws and Regulations; no matter the size of your company. The benefits of our services to companies include:
• Address and manage clients’ needs in a properly planned, professional
and efficient manner.
• Enhance Health and Safety education and awareness across the workforce.
• Increase productivity by keeping healthy workers healthy.
• Reduce man-hours lost due to job-related illness or injury.
• Ensure businesses are in compliance with regulations, reduce
the risk of non-compliance and assist with ongoing monitoring
of regulatory changes.
• Reduce medical and legal claims

Our About Us page and also the Our Services page give you insight that you can use to aid you minimise the losses and focus on maximising business growth.

Further guidelines and detailed information on ‘The Occupational Health Act’ and Laws that govern an array of industries,please refer to our Information Hub page.

Yes,you should care about HIV and Aids Education and Awareness

December 1st is internationally recognised as “World Aids Day”. A day to support all people infected and affected by HIV and Aids,support the fight against the disease and raise awareness on related issues and initiatives. It is also the first ever global health day;held for the first time in 1988.
Our responsibility is to always stay informed,and aware in our personal lives,in our workplaces and in our communities. Information is widely available so there isn’t any excuse for ignorance and/or “head in the sand” attitude. Discussing the disease is no longer attached to stigma or fear. That is evident in the unlimited number of small and large scale organisations and people involved in supporting HIV and Aids Education and Awareness.  Below are links for you to read further on workplace legislature and global news sites.





Our commitment to offering high quality and affordable healthcare services

Our company is committed to offering the highest quality healthcare, and we believe that this should be affordable.  Whether you need Occupational healthcare for your company,Primary healthcare or specific vaccinations, we are here to help you.
Please take a moment to read all about our services below, and contact us with any questions you may have.
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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The “National Breast Cancer Foundation(NBCF Inc. ),in South Africa has an informative site that is definitely worth checking out. On the site you can read more about Breast Cancer,the foundation’s work and story, and helpful information on the disease and what you should know for yourself and those you love who may be affected by the disease.
Please visit this wonderful site by clicking on the link below:

Read more here

September is Heart Awareness Month




Celebrated annually in September, this month is dedicated to raising awareness about cardiovascular disease in South Africa and culminates on World Heart Day on the 29th of September. Heart Awareness Month has long been a platform for raising awareness about heart disease and highlighting the importance of a healthy lifestyle and appropriate treatment.”

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