Dikoena Employee Health Services (Pty) Ltd is a provider of contracted on site Occupational and Primary Healthcare Services. It is based in Johannesburg and available to offer its mobile services to companies across South Africa and to international clients. The medical consultancy’s focus is on assisting small to medium businesses from different industry sectors, comply with Administrative Requirements and Occupational Health Legislation’.

Company History
Dikoena Employee Health Services was founded in 2016 by Sister Emily Rahube; an Occupational Health Nursing Practitioner with over 20 years of experience from the Medical field.

VISION:To provide essential and high quality Healthcare Services that reach the business sector’s workforce and their communities across South Africa and Africa.

MISSION:To provide business owners with affordable medical services and relevant education on Occupational Health and Safety. Our aim is to equip companies to operate efficiently by establishing and maintaining healthy and safe work environments,with healthy and highly productive employees.

VALUES:‘Dikoena’ which means ‘Crocodile’ in south Sotho,is a cultural totem that is not only the company’s name but it represents the company owner’s heritage. It is a heritage with core values that include: having respect, having a great work ethic and having Botho (being considerate and compassionate ) It is these invaluable teachings that influence the company’s values and thus shape our business conduct.

To provide Occupational Healthcare, Occupational Safety and Primary Healthcare Services that:
Aid business owners and companies understand and comply with the laws, regulations and requirements of The Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Act No. 181 of 1993

SANC: South African Nursing Council
SASOHN: South African Society of Occupational Nursing Practitioners

Corporate Profile Download: Dikoena Employee Health Services Profile