Health and Safety Policies are Business Assets

Every business owner is concerned with maximising assets and minimising losses in their company. Having Health and Safety Policies in place(regardless of which industry your business operates in), is an asset to each company. Many people do not understand this or don’t see how this is true. At ‘Dikoena Employee Health Services’, our goals and objectives address this confusion/lack of information. We are focused on guiding business owners to implement practices that meet Occupational Health and Safety Laws and Regulations; no matter the size of your company. The benefits of our services to companies include:
• Address and manage clients’ needs in a properly planned, professional
and efficient manner.
• Enhance Health and Safety education and awareness across the workforce.
• Increase productivity by keeping healthy workers healthy.
• Reduce man-hours lost due to job-related illness or injury.
• Ensure businesses are in compliance with regulations, reduce
the risk of non-compliance and assist with ongoing monitoring
of regulatory changes.
• Reduce medical and legal claims

Our About Us page and also the Our Services page give you insight that you can use to aid you minimise the losses and focus on maximising business growth.

Further guidelines and detailed information on ‘The Occupational Health Act’ and Laws that govern an array of industries,please refer to our Information Hub page.